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Firehose Tug Toy

$ 16.95

As Tough as a Fireman!

This Tug is made of FireHose so it is Tuff, Tuff, Tuff!!!

Manufactured by a company in Wisconsin that specializes in durable training tools for working dogs. Each durable tug toy is handmade from safe, non-toxic real firehose material. 

These firehose tugs are made to be worked over and over again. You will be impressed with the tug's stability and with the tug's heavy duty quality.

There is one handle which is made with very heavy weight 1/8" thick red strapping. It is very strong in strength. This tug is made for power dogs. As always, no training tug should be left with the dog as a chew toy.

Measures 2" wide x 13"long, plus handle

Single handle for playing tug or for throwing for a game of fetch with your dog.  

Shelby loves to shake her's by the handle!


Proudly made in the USA

No dog toy is 100% indestructible. Periodically check your dog’s toys for wear and tear and replace when needed.

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