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Elk Antlers

$ 10.95

It's Chew Time!!!

Give your dog something they can really sink their teeth into!  Dogs love, and need to chew.  But you don't want them to chew your shoes, furniture, etc...And you want something that is natural, safe, and will last a long time.  Give them an Elk Antler!  

Whether you've got a puppy who is chewing your shoes and furniture, or an adult dog that simply loves to chew, these dog chews are just the thing to satisfy your dog.

These 100% natural Elk Antlers are genuine antlers that shed naturally every year. The compact nature of antlers makes it a perfect natural dog chew. Elk Antlers are a natural source of collagen, calcium and other nutrients that are healthy for your puppy or adult dog.  They also keep your dog's teeth healthy.  The edges of each antler is smooth so that it doesn’t damage your dog’s mouth while they enjoy their treat.

Your dog will definitely enjoy a treat that keeps their teeth healthy and clean. Have peace of mind knowing that there antlers have no dyes or chemicals.

  • No dyes, bleach or chemicals
  • No offensive odor
  • Healthy for your dogs’ teeth and gums
  • Made from genuine Elk antlers which last a long time
  • Source of calcium and other nutrients
  • Whole, not split antlers

Elk is softer than deer antlers, so it's better for puppies, older dogs, and power chewers. These last!  My power-chewer Shelby has had her Elk Antler for a year, and chews on it several times a day - especially after meals.   Keeps teeth clean and satisfies dog's natural desire to chew.

Available in a variety of sizes:

Due the very fact that these antlers are naturally shed, no two antlers are alike. Antlers are categorized by overall size, so while most of the antlers are cut to about 6 inches long, the width will be greater as the size goes up. All sizes are approximate.
    • SMALL:  6" long (10 - 20 lb. dog)
    • MEDIUM:  6" long (20 - 40 lb. dog)
    • LARGE: 6" long (40 - 70 lb. dog)
    • EXTRA LARGE: 6" long (70 - 100 lb. dog)
    • MEGA: 6" long (100+ lb. dog)


      Naturally shed by Elk in Colorado, USA

      As with any consumable product, your dog should be supervised while they enjoy their antler.  Antler consumption should be gradual. If you feel your dog is consuming it too quickly or that it has become a choking hazard, please discard.

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