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Deer Antlers

$ 7.95

Got Chew?

Dogs love and need to chew!  But you don't want them to chew your shoes, furniture, etc...  And you want something that will last, is safe, and natural.  Give them a Deer Antler!   

These 100% natural Deer Antlers are shed naturally every year. The compact nature of antlers makes it a perfect natural dog chew. Antlers are a natural source of collagen, calcium and other nutrients that are healthy.  They also keep your dog's teeth healthy. The edges of each antler are smooth so that it doesn’t damage your dog’s mouth while they enjoy their treat.

Your dog will definitely enjoy a treat that keeps their teeth healthy and clean. Have peace of mind knowing that these antler chews contain no dyes or chemicals.

Deer antlers are denser and harder than Elk and Moose Antlers, so they are not recommended for puppies, seniors or power chewers.

  • No dyes, bleach or chemicals
  • No offensive odor
  • Healthy for your dog's teeth and gums
  • Source of calcium and other nutrients
  • Made from genuine deer antlers which last a long time

Available in a variety of sizes: 

Since these antler chews are cuts made from larger antlers, they will all vary in shape.  All sizes are approximate.

  • SMALL:  3" - 5" (dogs 10- 20 lbs.)
  • SMALL (LONG):  4" - 8" (dogs 15 -35 lbs.)
  • MEDIUM:  5" - 7" (dogs 20 - 40 lbs.)
  • LARGE:  7" - 10" (dogs 40 - 70 lbs.)


    Naturally shed by Deer in Colorado, USA


    As with any consumable product, your dog should be supervised while they enjoy their antler. Antler consumption should be gradual. If you feel your dog is consuming it too quickly or that it has become a choking hazard, please discard.

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