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A Marketplace Filled with Honest Goods for your Dog

At The Shabby Dogs at Play, you will find a unique collection of American-made toys for your dog - from toys that intrigue and satisfy your dog's curiosity; to those that help you interact with your dog, creating a strong bond and lasting connection.  

Everything we sell is made in the USA. Many of our items are handcrafted by America artisans. You will find many one-of-a-kind items here.  

We actively support shelters and rescues. Please click on our "Giving Back" tab to see which organization we are currently supporting.  We will also be featuring shelter dogs each week looking for their forever home.

To provide you with advice and valuable tips, be sure to visit the "Canine Coach".  Here you will find valuable information for you and your dog from a top Canine Behaviorist.

Please browse our shop and we're sure you will find something that both you and your dog will love.  If you'd like some help picking out a toy for your dog or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we'd love to help!

Thank you for visiting The Shabby Dogs at Play!



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